This page lists all the people who have helped the Nooalf Revolution and provides links to other websites related to literacy in general.

First & foremost I'd like to thank Steve Bett for establishing & operating the Saundspel reform discussion group on Yahoo. He has been tirelessly and patiently participating in the discussionz since the mid Jurrassic period. Its still there, but the old list-serv format is seriously heinous by todayz standardz. Luckily, you can find Steve in Greg Bontrager'z new Spelling Reform Forum. Anybody who haz slapped together a 'save the world' spelling system shoud join & subject it to the merciless criticizm uv the other participants BEFORE spending a decade riting a dictionary.
You will find a mountain uv info on spelling reform here & links to pretty much every reform related site there iz.

JOE LITTLE is the only paid professional spelling reformer for English on Earth. He has been very receptive to my ideas and the materials I recieved from the American Literacy Council have been very valuable in forming a workable introduction strategy.

The biggest single project was the creation uv the NQaLF PIKsRZ , a document that can actually allow the target audience to learn the Nooalf system. I credit Steve Roth with goading me into abandoning the bland flyerz I had been passing around and making something that people will really pay attention to. Thanks to Tim Jarret, Jean & Robert Gaczol, Joe Little and Di Carney for picture ideaz & general criticizm. Book model iz Teresa. Hand model iz Stacy Worklin. Ugly model iz me, JO 753.

2015 update: Thanks to Sempervivum in the Web Developer forum for creating the code that got the CoRT page soundz to work properly. Sum programmers really know their stuff!

Spanish tranzlationz for this site & the CDROM are courtesy uv Alfredo Sanchez, Juan Gutierrez & Armando Briseņo.
PROFESSIONAL tranzlation services were provided by:
Chinese for this site & the CDROM were done by the venerable Yongbiao Zhang .
Swahili by Martin Mirimo.
Russian by Nana Mee.
Polish & German by Agnieszka Skoczypiec.
Arabic by M. Allaf
French by Katy Mangin
Portuguese by Katie Santos
Italian by Alessandra Diagne
Korean by Kwan Shik Kim
Esperanto by Roel Haveman

I thank the people at maranGraphics and IDG Books for their fantastic "Creating Web Pages with html Simplified 2nd edition" which allowed me to do this site all by myself.
Special Nooalf fonts were made with Data Becker's excellent Your Handwriting software. The 2NQ4YQ font was refined & converted for Macs by the FONT GOD in Austrailia.

Adobe has been creating the foundation blocks of the software industry FOREVER ! Everything from the pictures that you plug into your eyes to the letters that pour into your brain . Unlike many companies that have near monopolies on a market, they take the time to make their products work with az few hasslez & glitchez az possible. All the grafiks on this site were made with Adobe Fotoshop Elements

The people most sorely affected by our egregious orthography are those among us who have dyslexia. Because the condition iz often accompanied by a high level uv creativity, there are many notable figures thruout history who had it. Dyslexia - The Gift iz the website of Davis Dyslexia Association International, an organization dedicated to helping dyslexics adapt & excel.This site iz chok full uv info & resourcez for dyslexics.

Many people are working on reforming English spelling. Its such an eazy target that most of them started out the same way I did; with the realization that a monkey coud make a better spelling system than the wun we are uzing now. Haz an extensive list uv English spelling reform websites. If you hav read this far, its likely you are truly interested in the subject and may be having your own ideaz about making a system. Only by seeing the variety and quality uv wuts already out there can you avoid doing alot uv work that sumwun else haz already dun.

Here are sum interesting sites that are generally connected to spelling, literacy or language in general has an extensive list of all sorts of spelling systems for other languages, alternative ideas and even alien languages from TV & movies such as Klingon . Books: The Story of English, New and Revised Edition This is an excellent book for anybody who wants to know how this mess happened. Its not too thick, yet gives as much detail as you are likely to want.

David Boulton started the Children of the Code project to publisize the dismal state of American literacy and our failing primary educational system. If you dont think our goofed up spelling is much uv a problem for anybody, spend a few hours watching the videos.

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