Over the last 2 centuriez nearly every aspect uv our livez haz been changed time after time by the accelerating advance uv
technology. In all casez, this unrelenting progress can be traced to inspired ideaz uv how thingz
can be dun better, eazier & faster.

Men walked on the moon in 1969; wun uv the great dreamz uv mankind fulfilled before many uv you reading this were born. Every day,
thousandz uv ordinary people cross continents and oceanz in a matter uv hourz with little or no prior planning. Anybody who
really wants can own a car thats capable uv exceeding 200mph. You can talk to people anywhere on the planet with the fone in your
pocket. All this and so much more woud be laffed at az insane wild fantasy 200 yearz ago.

Yet here we are, still using a relic frum thoze dayz uv horse drawn carriagez & oil lamps for wun uv the most
crucial foundation blocks uv civilization!

Picking the rite perspective iz wut seperates the winnerz frum the lozerz. Will our civilization fall bekuz we
chooze apathy & tradition over lojik?

Note frum 2014: Most uv this section wuz ritten around 2005 - 7, before the new perspectiv uv Nooalf az an English based
international spellig system occured to me. Altho the arguments, the introduction stratejy and other stuff iz still all valid,
sum thingz may not exactly match up with the new perspectiv. Vizit the new pajez for a more current view,
especially the plain text section if you are a sement hed.

The BaTLZON (Battle Zone) iz about lojik and attitude. Its a last chance hard sell for anybody whoz still against the Nooalf
Revolution and a source uv info-ammo for Nooalf Warriorz. Az youv alredy noticed, 'correct' spelling haz been dropped. A casual,
inconsistent fonetic regularization iz used to start breaking down the Spelling Cop in your hed. In addition to the arrowz, this
page haz ikonz wich will take you to either a section or a single page. Klik the BaTLZON ikon to get back here.


If youv red this site frum the start and are STILL against Nooalf, you are a SEMENT HED! Wutever fallz into your hed frst bekumz
the foundation uv a castle. All future facts find a place in the rezulting order or get rejected az nonsense. The higher thoze
wallz get, the more they seem to validate the foundation. This iz why, az the yirz go by, more & more often you find yourself
with a strong opinion on so many subjects. Everything new iz rediculous. Everything old iz established, proven fact.

Youv been studying and using English successfully for decadez, so youre not about to take a jackhammer to your beautiful English
castle just bekuz I say so. The first part uv the BaTLZON debunks all the arguments youv undoubtably been thinking up since you
got here. Klik on the sawed-off shot gun to go to Krazy JO'z Bad Lojik Skeet Shooting Klub. If you are young & smart enuf,
maybe you still hav a chance uv seeing the lite.


If yor with me on this, you need to vizit the Skeet Klub also. Therez a particular type uv sement hed known az a Gate Keeper.
If youv spent time in any internet forumz, you know who I'm talking about. Often employed az teacherz, they are
usually fairly smart and well educated in English. They are bent on prezerving Ye Olde Traditional Speallingue
and will compulsively attack any deviation. Even unintentional minor typoz get them started, so you can imagine how they
react to Nooalf! You dont want to get into a debate without being prepared to shoot down their arguments. Preventing them frum
passing this mindvirus on to future generationz iz our most important mission.

slakrz nqalf

Comments and outraged diatribes are welcome.
klik the envelope & start typing.